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Off the Cuff: A Conversation with John Witt and the New Remodeling Team

Homeowners’ desire to remodel their home — instead of moving into a new one – is surging in New York’s Capital Region and Witt Construction has established a new division just to respond to the demand. President John Witt has added two people to his staff dedicated full time to the remodeling process: Project Manager […]


Bathroom mirrors are a must for grooming, but they also can enhance and brighten a space beautifully, while being highly functional. Witt Construction is featured in an article on budget decorating on about.com that shows just how to show off! Tilt them to catch angles, match them to the cabinetry for a polished custom look, […]

Three Times is the Charm

THREE TIMES IS THE CHARM: Witt Construction was featured thrice in one recent article in the Huffington Post about welcoming window nooks. Cozy places to curl up and read or daydream, the inviting alcoves are in a kitchen, a dining room and a stairwell landing, all enhanced by windows providing natural light, support for comfy […]

Have You Reached Your Threshold?

HAVE YOU REACHED YOUR THRESHOLD? At the cusp — where inside meets outside – the porch is a very special area of the home, from being a “welcome, come sit a while,” to presenting the building’s “best face” with seasonal embellishment. A Witt Construction screened-in porch featured on SheKnows, shows off an informal, yet gracious refuge […]

Good Looks in the Kitchen

Just like a recipe mingles flavors for the best effect, a blend of visuals and textures show off the fine points of a kitchen. Witt Construction was recently featured in an article on houzz.comon kitchen materials “for a knockout design.” Countertops, cabinets, lighting, fixtures and seating in contrasting materials, colors and shapes all can provide […]

6 Impressive Home Gyms That Offer the Ultimate Personal Fitness Oasis

SHAPE UP! Witt Construction has been featured in a huffingtonpost article about home gyms as the “ultimate personal fitness oasis.” Great light, sleek lines, open space and a “fitness vibe” all contribute to the luxury of the private, in-home gym/studio look-good, feel-good environment.

Simply Saratoga Magazine and Saratoga Showcase of Homes

COVER STORY. We are proud that one of our favorite homes, Hillside Retreat, is featured on the current cover of Simply Saratoga magazine, fall 2014. This home took the gold in 2013 for the Best In American Living Awards’ “one-of-a-kind home, 4,100–6,500 sq. ft.”. The magazine is devoted to the upcoming 2014 Showcase of Homes […]