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Our Custom Series

Building a custom home is an exciting and thrilling experience, as it can make long-held dreams come true. Our Custom Series focuses on the design and construction process for building superior, one-of-a-kind custom homes that meet the needs, expectations and wishes of every individual client. Our unique and inclusive process enables you to work alongside our team of skilled, experienced experts to consider all phases of a project.

So you know what to expect, here’ s an overview of our process:

  • We start with an initial interview to determine your requirements and wish list for your new home.
  • We walk you through the details of each phase of building your new home. The following is a list of what you can expect from start to finish:
    • Professional Services Agreement. Our agreement defines all phases of the design process and cost estimates for your new home. We’ll also begin drawings and draft specifications. During this phase, we’ll work closely with you, reviewing every detail and securing your approval before moving to the next phase. This process ensures that we are able to meet your requirements within budget.
    • Finance Options.
    • Product Selection Process. This phase focuses on selection of the features for your home. During this phase, you select appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry for kitchen, bath, and family room, countertops, flooring, hardware, windows and doors, roofing material and exterior siding.
    • Preferred Vendors. We maintain alliances with the finest vendors in the industry. They will work with you to tailor the details of your new home to your specifications, offering the highest quality products available on the market today.
    • Construction Process and Walk-throughs.
  • Next, we’ll review site selection. If you already have a site, we’ll assess whether it accommodates your design specifications. If you haven’t located a site, we can help find one.
  • We’ll work with you to maximize your budget dollars, helping you select the right materials and draft an individual customized plan for your home.
  • We’ll discuss design options and work with you to define the type of home you want, and we’ll build visual presentations to demonstrate options of important structural and interior design features.
  • We prepare detailed drawings to illustrate the placement of the following features of your home:
    • floor plans and elevations
    • room size and square footage
    • cabinetry, countertops, trim moulding and appliances
    • windows and doors
    • lighting design and layout
    • exterior siding, trim, roofing materials
    • outdoor structures that might include decks, porches, or patios
  • Finalize specifications and pricing
  • Sign contract

Finally, as construction begins, we recommend bi-weekly meetings with our field project manager to discuss the progress of your home.

Our pledge to you is to deliver on our promise to build a home you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact us.


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