Nursery Inspiration –

EXPECT THE BEST. Decorating with TLC for baby-to-be? The nursery can be playful and stimulating for a baby, and still sustain the tone of charm and elegance of your home. Witt Construction’s airy nursery features simple lines, soothing colors, classic furniture for the wee one and natural light – a happy, welcoming space where a little girl or boy can dream and play. Built-ins, fun colors, interesting wall art, creative storage and versatile window treatments are more enhancements to consider when you’re designing this special oasis.

As You Like It

DREAMS CAN COME TRUE when Witt Construction transforms your vision into your home. What is it you’ve always wanted? A private pool with a spectacular view? A secret room for your treasures? A magnificent entry into your private study? Over-the-top bar and recreation area? You can have it all, as a recent insert in the Times Union featuring several Witt homes illustrated so well. Your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, patio, great room, and more can be designed and lived in luxuriously and comfortably, with every finishing touch you’ve imagined. Truly “as you like it” – just ask. 

Huffington Post Home Feature

APPLAUSE AGAIN for Witt Construction’s uniquely Saratoga cottage homes – this time featured in the pages of the Huffington Post, shared by In an article about why cottage homes are “the best,” Witt’s iconic Oak Street property, which exemplifies privacy on a city lot, as well as our rural Stone Ridge home, with its spectacular views overlooking both Saratoga Springs and Vermont, made the prestigious short list of exceptional cottage properties. Article Feature – 6 Ways to Cool off Without Air Conditioning

CHILL OUT! A Witt Construction bedroom is featured in a article about alternatives to AC for cooling down a house. Shutters and shading, solar-control window films (offer UV protection as well as reducing heat from solar radiation), bamboo screens, drapes and blinds, ceiling fans and more can be beautiful, as well as functional and add character and texture to a home, indoors and out. The article features bonus tips, as well, such as notes about bedding and hydration, all meant to keep your body temp from rising.


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Wall Street Journal Feature

OUTA SIGHT! Witt Construction President John Witt was cited — and a Witt Construction room was featured — July 10 in the prestigious Wall Street Journal in an article about secret rooms and garages tucked underground or behind bookcases that are increasingly popular among homeowners seeking privacy and security, to protect a design — or just for fun. Witt Construction fulfills such requests a few times a year, says John.

A Warm Welcome!

A WARM WELCOME: Summertime brings visitors and time to host in a relaxing, welcoming environment designed to accommodate times for both gathering and privacy. That means creating spaces that are functional and still fun – like an area in the kitchen where guests can put together their own breakfast to take onto the porch, or a comfortable patio that takes advantage of a view or provides the perfect setting for reading – just like the one designed by Witt Construction and featured in houzz as a downtime oasis.  From coffee to cocktails – home is the best place to re-energize and regroup.