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Welcome Yellow Around Your Home for an Instant Lift

Houzz.com Feature 

Now that the sun’s out, it’s time to talk YELLOW. Ripe lemons, solid gold, forsythia in bloom — yellow is a long, warm welcome, as either a vibrant accent or – in more languorous hues – the expanse of a wall. Maybe you want the zing of a bright and buttery pillow, painting, bedspread or bouquet as a vibrant high note in a shadowy corner, or to bring attention center stage. Maybe you want a more translucent yellow to drench your space, bringing the sunshine in, as light and tempting as chiffon cream. Reflected in a mirror, miles of yellow set a room free. Concentrated, yellow makes a glamorous point. Whether subtle, almost imperceptible, or unashamedly flirtatious, yellow is mellow — and much, much more.