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Natural Choices.

Builder John Witt designs homes with the earth in mind.

Safe.  Local.  Sustainable.

All good words to live by.

John Witt and his team, whether designing and building a small home or a large one, take these words to heart.

Long before energy-efficiency was popular, John was building green, meeting and exceeding expectations.

Long an advocate of Energy Star appliances, he embraces other green building methods as well.  Such as the use of local resources.  Incorporating reclaimed materials into his carefully crafted houses.  Utilizing the best of technology for windows and doors and siding and insulation.  He adapts heating and cooling systems to fit the house to make it not just energy-efficient but cost-effective.  Air-heat exchangers create a healthy home environment, introducing outside air and keeping fresh air circulating no matter what the season.  Depending on the house, he employs all methods of green technology for heating and cooling from solar to geothermal.

“We design and build the entire house to be green,” says John.  “It’s healthier for the environment, the community, and the homeowner.”

2 responses to “Natural Choices.”

  1. my husband and I are interested in one floor living. Do you have any single floor living plans?

    1. Since we generally custom design and build specific to our clients wants and needs – then yes!

      One floor living/1st floor master design are becoming very popular.

      If intereseted, please call (518) 587-4113 to discuss in detail.

      Thank you.

      Witt Construction