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A Grand John Witt-Designed Home Becomes a Saratoga Tourist Attraction.

People visit from all over to see this North Broadway Villa.

Visitors have always been attracted to the houses they discover on North Broadway in Saratoga Springs.  Many are Victorian, a few are Neo-Colonial, a couple are contemporary.

Now there is a new attraction, a Villa conceived, designed, and built by Witt Construction.  Just as North Broadway homes have evolved over the years, this gracious house presents a defining point in the architectural history of Saratoga Springs.

With its chateau-like design, it is reminiscent of the glory of old Saratoga, the history of European design, and the American flair for building exceptional, one-of-a-kind homes we see in the work of Edith Wharton, an early American pioneer in the daring, the thoughtful, and the innovative.  In his own right, John Witt is a design pioneer as well, always on the cutting edge, whether building a mansion or a modest family home.

The Villa represents the best of all worlds.  Its design inspiration comes from John’s travels in Normandy and other regions of France, its craftsmanship is old-world yet made for today’s greener living, its materials are natural and evoke the past but the copper, stone, and marble are used in a way that makes this unique home maintenance-free. On the inside, the dedication to finely crafted workmanship even extends to the boiler room.

In the enticing courtyard, the owner went beyond landscaping to create a private world with cabana, pools, and fountains that reflect the stylistic integrity of the Villa yet is intimate and inviting.  The garden, you might call it a secret garden, makes one want to linger.

No wonder the Saratoga trolley slows down when passing this magnificent chateau.

One response to “A Grand John Witt-Designed Home Becomes a Saratoga Tourist Attraction.”

  1. I think we all slow down when passing this chateau! Gorgeous!